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Air Cushion Packaging/Air Wave Film

High-Quality Air Cushion Packaging Solutions from Xuanwang

Looking for reliable air cushion packaging for your shipping and packaging needs? Look no further than Xuanwang. As a leading supplier and manufacturer of airwave film and air cushion packaging, we offer top-of-the-line products to protect your goods during transit. Our products are designed to provide superior protection and cushioning, ensuring that your items arrive safely at their destination. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality packaging solutions.

  • Air Filled Bubble

    Introducing Air Cushion Packaging From Xuanwang

    Xuanwang's Air Cushion Packaging/Air Wave Film offers unique design, efficient protection, easy use, resilience, customization options, a high air filling rate, and contributes significantly to packaging efficiency.

  1. Unique Wave Pattern Shape: Increases brand visibility and sets packages apart.
  2. Efficient Buffering and Protection: Strong pressure resistance maintains air integrity and safeguards products.
  3. Tear Line Design: Simplifies usage and boosts packaging efficiency.
  4. Impact and Pressure Resilience: Protects products from multiple angles under repeated stress.
  5. Customization Options: Includes logo printing and size variations for enriched unboxing experiences.
  6. Professional Air Filling Process: Achieves a high filling rate of up to 95% for robust airflow support and product protection.
Air Cushion Packaging/Air Wave Film
Air Cushion Packaging/Air Wave Film

Air Cushion Packaging For Sale

The Air Wave, an Air Bubble-type Air Cushion Packaging made of HDPE, measures 400mmX175mm and is available in rolls of 300m or customized lengths, with a selectable thickness of 20um or more.

Product Description

Air Cushion Packaging Product Parameters

Product TypeAir Bubble
Product NameAir Wave
Meters/Roll300m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)20um or Customized
Package2 Rolls/Ctn

Advantages Of Air Wave Cushion Film

Exceptional Protection

Air bag packaging offers stronger protection compared to traditional methods, securing packaged goods optimally.


Air cushion packaging significantly reduces material and shipping costs, and resource usage during packing.

Space Conservation

Air cushion systems contribute to the reduction of storage space for packaging material, facilitating higher production speeds.

Superior Cushioning

Air pillow film provides enhanced cushioning, safeguarding products from impacts, vibrations, and disturbances during transit.

Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
  • Air Filled Bubble

    Why Choose Xuanwang's Air Cushion Packaging?

    Xuanwang provides high-quality, customizable, and cost-effective Air Cushion Packaging/Air Wave Film with prompt delivery and comprehensive technical support.

  • Quality Assurance: As the source factory, we ensure top-grade Air Cushion Packaging/Air Wave Film, adhering to strict quality control measures.
  • Customization: We offer customization in terms of size, thickness, and branding, tailoring to specific needs.
  • Cost-Effective: We provide a cost-effective solution by eliminating middlemen and reducing your overall expenditure.
  • Fast Delivery: With efficient production processes, we guarantee prompt delivery, reducing lead times.
  • Technical Support: Our team provides comprehensive technical support, assisting with all your queries and concerns.

Adapted Machines

Optimizing Protection: A Guide to Air Cushion Packaging

Air cushion packaging, a cornerstone in protecting goods during transit, has evolved significantly to meet diverse shipping demands. This guide aims to elucidate the principles behind air cushion packaging, focusing on material properties, design considerations, and application methodologies.

By dissecting these elements, the objective is to give stakeholders the knowledge to optimize product safety and cost-efficiency in packaging strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Air Cushion Packaging, go ahead! 

Q: What are air pillows in packaging?

A: Air pillows are inflatable cushions used as protective packaging to prevent damage by filling voids and providing cushioning for sensitive goods during transit.

Q: How do air pillows enhance product protection?

A: Air pillows absorb shocks and vibrations by creating a barrier around items, ensuring they remain stationary and safeguarded from impacts during shipping.

Q: Are air pillows environmentally friendly?

A: Many air pillows are made from recyclable materials like HDPE and can be deflated and re-inflated, reducing waste and promoting sustainability in packaging.

Q: Can air pillow sizes be customized for different packaging needs?

A: Air pillows come in various sizes and can be inflated to different levels to suit specific packaging requirements, optimizing space and protection.

Q: How do air pillows compare to traditional packaging materials?

A: Air pillows offer superior protection with less material, are lightweight, reduce shipping costs, and provide a cleaner, more professional unboxing experience.

Q: What factors should be considered when selecting air pillows for packaging?

A: Consider the size, weight, and fragility of the product, the material of the air pillows, their recyclability, and the cost-effectiveness of your shipping volume.

Q: How do air pillows contribute to shipping efficiency?

A: Their lightweight nature and ability to fill voids precisely reduce package weight and size, leading to lower shipping costs and improved packing speed.

Q: Can air pillows be reused or recycled?

A: Yes, air pillows can be deflated, stored for reuse, or recycled where facilities exist, contributing to circular economy practices in packaging.

Q: Are air pillows suitable for all types of products?

A: While highly versatile, air pillows should be evaluated based on the product’s weight, dimensions, and sensitivity to ensure optimal protection.

Q: How does the inflation level affect air pillows' protective qualities?

A: Proper inflation ensures maximum efficiency; over- or under-inflation can compromise the protective characteristics, highlighting the importance of following manufacturer guidelines.

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