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Innovative Packaging Solutions:
Air Cushion Films, Machines, and Sustainable Options

Wuxi Xuan Wang Packing Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. We are a well-established packaging leader. Blown film, printing, and bag-making are their three main specialties. In Wuxi, our facility measures 8,000 sqm with many machines to cater to multiple packaging needs.

Featured Products

Bubble Cushion Wrap/Air Pillow In HDPE
Large 4cm diameter bubbles ensure superior protection. Custom sizes available for diverse needs.
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HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll, 200mm x 100mm, 300m
200x100mm, 300m - Offers customizable length and thickness, with efficient carton packaging for storage.
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Paper Air Pillows Cushion 200x100mm
Customizable Paper Air Pillows, 200x100mm - Designed to enhance packing efficiency, available wholesale.
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Honeycomb Paper Roll
Provides secure, eco-friendly packaging solutions, customizable to meet specific needs.

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5-Column L-Type Air Column Roll
Tailored for optimal protection, available in wholesale for safeguarding valuables.

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Paper Bubble Machine - PB300
Offers customizable bubble wrap production, enhancing packaging processes.

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Cardboard Shredder Machine - XW325
Facilitates efficient cardboard recycling, supporting customizable shredding solutions.
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Air Cushion Machine/XWPAK001
Features a maximum speed of 18m/min and CE certification for proficient packaging operations.
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Professional Air Cushion Film/Column Bag Manufacturer(Supplier)

Founded in 2000, Wuxi Xuan Wang Packing Co., Ltd. has evolved from specializing in blown films to becoming a pioneer in air cushion packaging solutions, catering to the burgeoning e-commerce sector.

Our 8,000-square-meter facility is equipped with advanced technology, including 12 film-blowing machines, 5 printing units, and 20 bag-making devices, positioning us as a formidable force in the packaging industry domestically and internationally.

about xuanwang

20 Years of Expertise:
Bridging Innovation with Advanced Packaging Solutions

Xuanwang Factory
Xuanwang Factory


Self-built 8000 square meters production and processing base (2)
Xuanwang Factory

Hot Products

Honeycomb Paper Roll
Eco-Friendly Honeycomb Paper Rolls: Customizable, Efficient, Sustainable.

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Paper Bubble Wrap Cushion 400x320mm
Enhance Efficiency, Eco-Friendly, Ideal for Wholesale.

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Paper Tube Cushioning Wrap 400x320mm
Premium Paper Cushion Tubes: Customizable, Eco-Friendly, Optimal Protection.
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Manual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser
Honeycomb Paper Dispenser: Efficient, Customizable, Single & Double-Layer Models.
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Embossed Bags & Rolls
Durable Packaging Solutions: Customizable, Elevates Efficiency, Wholesale-Focused.

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Barrier Film
Superior Food Protection, Moisture/Oxygen Safe, Customizable.

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