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In the field of protective packaging, Wuxi Xuan Wang Packing Co. ranks first among its competitors as it is engaged in offering personalized products! Request a quote now!

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HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll, 300mm x 200mm, 300m

High-Quality HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll at Xuanwang!

Looking for top-notch packaging materials for your business? Look no further than Xuanwang, the leading supplier and manufacturer of HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll. Our high-quality film and roll measure 300mm x 200mm and are available in a generous 300m length. Perfect for protecting your products during shipping and storage. Trust in our expertise, and contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your business.

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    Introducing Air Pillow-300x200mm From Xuanwang

    Our HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll, offers superior quality with customizable thickness. Ideal for void fill packaging, item wrapping, and custom solutions.


  1. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) material
  2. 300mm width, 200mm length
  3. 300m roll size
  4. Customizable thickness
  5. Factory direct supply
HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll, 300mm x 200mm, 300m
HDPE Air Pillow Film & Roll, 300mm x 200mm, 300m

Air Pillow-300x200mm For Sale

Our Air Pillow product, sized 300x200mm, is available for sale. It is crafted from HDPE and has customizable options for roll length and thickness; each carton contains two rolls.

Product Description

Air Pillow-300x200mm Product Parameters

Product SeriesAir Pillow
Meters/Roll300m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)20um or Customized
Package2 Rolls/Ctn

Applications Of Air Pillow-300x200mm

Void Fill Packaging

Utilizing HDPE air pillow film for filling empty spaces in packages, ensuring product stability during transit.

Delicate Item Wrapping

With its cushioning properties, the film is ideal for wrapping fragile items, providing extra protection.

Large-Scale Fulfillment

Suitable for industries needing bulk packaging solutions, such as e-commerce and logistics.

Transport Packaging

The 300m roll length and customizable thickness allow for tailored packaging needs, offering flexibility.

Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
  • Air Filled Bubble

    Why Choose Xuanwang's Air Pillow Film & Roll?

    Xuanwang's Air Pillow Film & Roll stands out for its high-quality HDPE material, customization options, factory-direct pricing, ability to handle large-scale production, and logo printing services.

  • High-Quality Material: Our Air Pillow Film & Roll is made from durable HDPE, ensuring robust performance.
  • Customization: We offer customizable roll sizes and thicknesses to meet diverse packaging needs.
  • Factory Direct Supply: As the source factory, we provide competitive pricing without middleman markups.
  • Large-Scale Production: With our capacity, we can handle bulk orders efficiently.
  • Logo Printing: We accept logo printing requests for brand visibility on our Air Pillow Film & Roll.

Adapted Machines

Need help?

Choosing the suitable Air Pillow Film at Xuanwang is multifaceted; thus, professional guidance is highly recommended.
Factors such as the nature of the item, its weight, fragility, budget constraints, and production speed are crucial in assessing unique packaging necessities.
Based on these criteria, we can suggest the best Air Pillow Film for void fill, wrapping, or cushioning purposes.

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