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Inflatable Packaging Film/Air Pillow in PAPE

High-Quality Inflatable Packaging Film at Competitive Prices!

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of inflatable packaging film and air pillows made from quality PAPE material? Look no further than Xuanwang. As a leading China supplier and manufacturer, we offer various inflatable packaging solutions to meet your needs. Our products are durable, cost-effective, and designed to protect your products during shipping and handling. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive prices and start protecting your goods with our top-of-the-line inflatable packaging film!

  • Air Filled Bubble

    Introducing Inflatable Packaging Film/Air Pillow From Xuanwang

    Xuanwang's Inflatable Packaging Film in PAPE material offers superior packaging resilience. With 450m/roll, it's customizable and ensures optimal protection. Streamlines packing for productivity across industries.

  • The Inflatable Packaging Film/Air Pillow is a robust product made from PAPE material, offering superior resilience for packaging. At 400mmX300mm, each roll provides 450m of film, customizable for diverse applications.
  • Each 2cm bubble ensures optimal cushioning, and the 30um thickness amplifies protection. Every package contains one roll in a compact 205x205x410mm box, facilitating storage and transport. Logo customization is available.
  • This film streamlines packing, enhancing productivity, and is a versatile solution across industries.
Inflatable Packaging Film/Air Pillow in PAPE
Inflatable Packaging Film/Air Pillow in PAPE

Inflatable Packaging Film/Air Pillows For Sale

Inflatable packaging film/air pillows are crafted from PAPE material and measure 400 mm X 300 mm per roll with 450m length. It features a 30um thickness, tiny 2cm diameter bubbles, and logo customization options.

Product Description

Inflatable Packaging Films Product Parameters

Product SeriesAir Bubble
Meters/Roll450m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)30um or Customized
Bubble TypeTiny Bubble (2cm diameter)

Advantages Of Air Pillow


Utilizing just 1% PE and 99% air, air pillow film is a competitively priced void-fill packaging material.

Increased Productivity

Air pillow packing systems can reduce pack-out time by up to 33%, boosting daily output.

Improved Product Protection

The inflatable cushions create a barrier, effectively absorbing shocks during shipping.


Select air-cushion chains, such as those made from 100% recycled paper, offer powerful and ecologically advantageous options.

Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
  • Air Filled Bubble

    Why Choose Xuanwang's Inflatable Packaging Film?

    Xuanwang's Inflatable Packaging Film offers quality assurance, cost efficiency, customization options, expert support, and fast delivery, making it a reliable choice for packaging needs.

  • Quality Assurance: As the source factory, we ensure each roll of Inflatable Packaging Film meets the highest quality standards.
  • Cost Efficiency: Directly ordering from us eliminates middlemen, providing you with the best price.
  • Customization: We offer customization options, including logo printing and specific dimensions, to cater to your unique needs.
  • Expert Support: Our team of experts is available to provide technical guidance and support for your packaging needs.
  • Fast Delivery: Located in China, we guarantee swift delivery, ensuring your production timeline is never compromised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Inflatable Packaging Film, go ahead! 

Q: What is inflatable packaging film?

A: Inflatable packaging film is a protective packaging material that uses air to create cushions or void fill to protect items during shipping or storage.

Q: How does inflatable packaging film protect items?

A: Inflatable packaging film creates a protective cushion around items, absorbing shocks and vibrations to ensure they are well-protected during transit.

Q: Is inflatable packaging film easy to use?

A: Yes, inflatable packaging film is very easy to use – simply inflate the film using a compatible air filling machine and wrap it around the items to provide protection.

Q: Can inflatable packaging film be used for various item sizes?

A: Yes, inflatable packaging film is flexible and can be used for items of various sizes. It can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of the items being packaged.

Q: What are the benefits of using inflatable packaging film?

A: Inflatable packaging film is a great option for void fill, it is perfect for protecting fragile items, reduces shipping costs as it is lightweight, and is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled.

Q: Can inflatable packaging film be used for home shipping needs?

A: Yes, inflatable packaging film can also be used for home shipping needs to protect items when sending packages to friends or family.

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