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In the field of protective packaging, Wuxi Xuan Wang Packing Co. ranks first among its competitors as it is engaged in offering personalized products! Request a quote now!

Air Cushion Packaging MachineXwpak010

Air Cushion Making Machine/XWPAK020(No Belt)

Get the Xuanwang Air Cushion-Making Machine at a Special Price

Looking for a reliable and efficient air cushion-making machine for your packaging needs? Look no further than the Xuanwang. As a trusted Chinese supplier and manufacturer, Xuanwang is known for its high-quality packaging solutions. This machine creates air cushions to protect your products during shipping. Purchase now and streamline your packaging process with ease. Contact us for more information on this special offer.

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    Introducing Air Cushion Making Machines(No Belt) From Xuanwang

    Our XWPAK020 Machine offers an advanced solution for air cushion packaging with its innovative roller heating and durable design, ensuring high-quality output and efficiency.

The XWPAK020 Air Cushion Machine, with its advanced operation panel and sturdy sheet metal construction, delivers both functionality and design. Its innovative roller heating ensures consistent material inflation and precise edge sealing. This machine is optimized for diverse inflatable cushion films and boosts packaging efficiency and quality.

Air Cushion Making Machine/XWPAK020(No Belt)
Air Cushion Making Machine/XWPAK020(No Belt)
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Air Cushion Making Machine/XWPAK020 For Sale

Enhance Packaging Efficiency: The XWPAK020 – Precision, Speed, and Versatility in Air Cushion Production.

Product Description

Model No. XWPAK020 (No Belt) Product Parameters of Air Cushion Machines.

ModelXWPAK020 (No Belt)
Working Speed15m/min(Max)
Material axis diameter 50.8mm
Air Channel Size(mm)18-20mm
Air Cushion film width (mm)150mm-600mm width
Package Dimension(mm)380mm*275mm*310mm(L*W*H)
WarrantyOne Year

Benefits of Using Air Cushioning Machine

Efficient Productivity

With a maximum working speed of 15m/min, it streamlines operations, which is ideal for businesses aiming to increase output while managing time effectively.

Versatile Film Compatibility

Accommodates air cushion film widths from 150mm to 600mm, offering flexible packaging solutions for various product sizes without requiring multiple machines.

Energy-Efficient Design

It utilizes only 200W power, making it economical for continuous operation, reducing electricity costs, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Compact and Portable

Weighing just over 7kg with compact dimensions, it facilitates easy relocation and installation in space-constrained environments, enhancing operational logistics.

Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
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    Why Choose Xuanwang's Air Cushion Machine?

    Choose Xuanwang for cost-effective, reliable, and customizable air cushion machines, backed by expert support.

  • Direct Manufacturer Pricing: Competitive rates due to factory-direct sales.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing ensures reliability and durability.
  • Technical Support: Comprehensive after-sales service and technical guidance.
  • Customization Capability: Options to tailor machines to specific business needs.
  • Innovative Design: Continuous R&D for efficient, user-friendly machinery.

Supported Rolls & Films

Need help?

Choosing the right air cushion machine requires a thorough analysis of your operational requirements and packaging needs. Considerations include output speed, film compatibility, and the degree of automation.
To make a decision that is customized to your business's unique requirements, it is advisable to arrange a consultation with our specialists.
They will offer detailed advice, utilizing technical expertise to pinpoint the most effective and economical option for your packaging processes.

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  • Model: XWPAK001
  • Working Speed: 18m/min(Max)
  • Power: 320W
  • Voltage: 86-264V;50Hz-60Hz

Air Cushion Packaging Machine/XWPAK010

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Winder Machine for Air Cushion System

  • Power: 200W
  • Voltage: 220V or 110V (Selectable)
  • Maximum Length: Approx. 43 meters
  • Maximum Diameter: Approx. 0.95 meters

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