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What Is PA or Other Material for Inflatable Bags?

Inflatable packing is among the most frequently encountered quick cushioning and filling packaging in our daily lives. There are many kinds, such as inflatable bags, bubble bags, air column bags, gourd film, bubble pillows, etc. What it plays in product transportation is relatively important, different materials of bubble pillow also has some differences in performance then what are the main materials? What’s the difference?

1、PO material

PO (polyolefin) material is a polyolefin copolymer called HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material or low-pressure polyethylene. It generally appears as white powder particles, non-toxic and tasteless. The bubble pillow made of this HDPE material is milky white with high impact resistance. Due to its relatively low price and apparent cushioning capacity, it can realize automatic inflation and is more widely used.

PO material

2, PA materials

Polyamide material is polyamide or simply nylon. This type of plastic has exceptional strength properties and can withstand high temperatures. It is also highly resistant to abrasion, absorbs shocks well, and has poor resistance to weak acids and alkalis but good electrical insulation properties, non-toxicity, and easy dyeing, among other features. Moreover, it exhibits excellent affinity with glass fibers, so it is often used for making toothbrushes, combs, fruit bags, etcetera; besides being strong enough to serve as an airbag material that can withstand large amounts of pressure during inflation, thus making them suitable for protecting heavy items or large-sized fragile goods that require additional care during transit.

PA materials

3. PE materials

PE (polyethylene) material refers to any of various common plastics made from ethylene polymerization such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylenes (LLDPE). The key feature of these compounds is their odorlessness and non-toxicity coupled with their excellent chemical resistance, particularly at low-temperature levels where most acid bases cannot affect them easily, thereby showing good stability towards different chemicals.

PE materials

Additionally, most solvents do not dissolve when exposed under normal conditions except for some slight water absorption, but this does not compromise on its electrical insulating properties, which remain outstanding even after being used in packaging applications like inflatable bags where clarity allows consumers to see through products wrapped inside while softness enhances aesthetics as well as ensuring higher quality standards are met during production because it gives a nice feel to the touch too.

Apart from that, they also find wide application areas ranging from film manufacturing through packaging materials production up to containers shaping apart from monofilaments extrusion wire drawing cable assembly houses hold wires together everyday things need them too, so there should be no shortage whatsoever hence availability acts like proximity since one can easily obtain what he wants without having travel far distances plus being used as high-frequency insulations for television sets radar machines among others.

The performance of inflatable packaging bags with various materials may slightly differ in the quality assurance of products. When purchasing such items, it is necessary to consider their needs and, therefore, choose suitable materials for them based on transport conditions so that they are not damaged.

The function of Inflate Packaging Pouches

Inflatable packaging pouches aim to save items from crashing and shaking while moving. These packs have more than one air section, which takes in the impact and spreads out pressure evenly, thus averting destruction. Common figures are about 0.6-0.8 atmospheres for air pressure, 50-100 microns as material thickness, and up to 4 kg/cm² puncture resistance. By utilizing these bags, businesses can securely fasten delicate objects, minimizing breakages and ensuring safe deliveries.

Features of Inflate Packaging Pouches

Inflate packaging pouches are light in weight but strong; this makes them very flexible and, hence, easy to handle. Among the characteristics include seeing through nature that enabling the identification of products quickly, recyclable properties for environmental conservation, and the ability to deflate, thus saving on space occupied when not in use. They are made from polyethylene (PE) or nylon materials that can withstand moisture and temperature changes, providing a dependable shield against different shipping environments.

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