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14-Column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap

High-quality Air Column Bubble Wrap is Available at Wholesale Prices!

 Are you in need of reliable and durable packing materials for your business? Look no further than Xuanwang for all your packaging needs. Our 14-column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap is sourced directly from China, ensuring the highest quality at wholesale prices. Whether you need standard sizes or customized options, we have a solution. Protect your products during shipping with our top-of-the-line bubble wrap. Contact us today to place your order!

  • Air Filled Bubble

    Introducing 14-Column Air Column Bubble Wrap From Xuanwang

    Our 14-Column Q-Type Bubble Wrap ensures optimal protection for electronics and fragile items, featuring a robust multi-column design.

It is an innovative packaging solution designed for enhanced protection during shipping. Featuring a multi-column structure, it efficiently absorbs shocks and prevents damage, making it ideal for securing fragile items.

Its application extends across various industries, requiring reliable product safety during transit.

  • Product Name: Laptop Air Column Bag
  • Number Of Product Columns: 14
  • Product Height: Bag Height 39cm
  • Product Material: PE+PA
  • Scope Of Application: Laptop Computers, Handicrafts, Crystals, Electronic Products, Etc.
  • Width Of Single Air Column: 3cm Before Inflation, 2cm After Inflation.

14-Column Q-Type Column Bubble Wrap For Sale

Secure & Customize Your Shipments: Explore Wholesale 14-Column Q-Type Bubble Wrap – The Ultimate Protection Solution.

Product Description

14-Column Q-Type Column Bubble Wraps Product Parameters

TypeQ-Type Protective Film
Product NameLaptop Packaging protector bag
LogoAccept Customized Logo
SizeAccept Customized

Need help?

Contact our knowledgeable support team for expert guidance on selecting the optimal air column bubble wrap tailored to your specific needs. We Are Committed To Providing Tailored Solutions For You.

Advantages Of 14-Column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap

Our 14-column Air Column Bubble Wrap offers superior protection with its multi-column design. It efficiently absorbs shocks and safeguards fragile items during transit.

1. Comprehensive 360° Product Protection

It ensures the safety of goods thanks to its flexible, well-sealed cylinder design upon inflation.

Comprehensive 360° Product Protection
Comprehensive 360° Product Protection
Durable PE/PA Material Composition
Durable PE/PA Material Composition

2. Durable PE/PA Material Composition

Crafted from carefully selected PE material with a thickening treatment, this product offers exceptional pressure resistance and flexibility for secure shipments.

3. Superior Co-Extruded Barrier Virgin Film

It utilizes top-grade co-extruded barrier virgin film, which enhances the bag’s sealing capabilities and overall flexibility and ensures optimal protection.

Superior Co-Extruded Barrier Virgin Film
Superior Co-Extruded Barrier Virgin Film
Advanced Air Valve Technology
Advanced Air Valve Technology

4. Advanced Air Valve Technology

This air column bubble wrap promises enduring protection without the risk of air leakage. It features an efficient air valve that guarantees long-lasting inflation.

Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
Why choose Xuanwang as your supplier?
  • Air Filled Bubble

    Why Choose Xuanwang As Your Supplier?

    Choose Xuanwang for cost-effective, high-quality, customizable 14-Column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap, backed by expert support.

  • Direct Factory Pricing: Eliminate intermediaries for cost savings.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control from the source.
  • Customization Capability: Tailored specifications to meet diverse needs.
  • Scalability: Efficient production for large-scale orders.
  • Technical Support: Comprehensive after-sales service and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go ahead and learn more about 14-column q-type column bubble wrap!

Q: What is a 14-column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap?

A: It is a protective packaging solution featuring 14 air-filled columns designed to cushion and safeguard items during transit. The column structure is Q-shaped for enhanced shock absorption.

Q: How does the 14-column Q-Type design differ from traditional bubble wrap?

A: The 14-column Q-Type design offers structured cushioning with individual air columns, providing superior protection against impacts compared to traditional bubble wrap’s smaller, unstructured bubbles.

Q: What types of items are best suited for this packaging material?

A: This air column bubble wrap is ideal for fragile and valuable items such as electronics, glassware, ceramics, and other products requiring high-level protection from physical shocks during shipping.

Q: Can the dimensions of the 14-column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap be customized?

A: Customization options are available to accommodate different product sizes and shapes, ensuring a tailored fit and optimal protection for a wide range of items.

Q: How is the air column bubble wrap inflated?

A: The air column bubble wrap is shipped uninflated and requires an inflation tool, such as a standard air pump or compressor, to fill the columns with air before use.

Q: What environmental considerations are associated with this product?

A: The 14-column Q-Type Air Column Bubble Wrap is made from PE+PA material, which combines durability with recyclability. Efforts to minimize environmental impact include reusability and the ability to recycle the material where facilities exist.

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